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Top 3 Reasons You Should Ditch Single-Use Wipes

This is not a drill! FinalWipe is COMING.

We’re so excited to wipe out waste with you. But what’s the big deal and why is it so crucial to cut down on the paper products we use?

Here’s why it’s so important to #WipeResponsibly: 

  • 254 million tons of paper towels and cleaning wipes are discarded globally every single year. 
  • The paper products industry, which includes wipes and paper towels, uses more water than any other industry! It takes 15 gallons of water to make 1 roll of paper towel… multiply that by the 26 billion paper towel rolls we throw away every year… that’s a lot of water. 
  • In the US alone 51,000 trees are cut down every day to keep up with the demand of the single-use paper products industry. 

Crazy to think that forests are disappearing and crucial water sources are being depleted so that we can wipe up a mess and then toss the rest. 

FinalWipe is ushering in a new wave of sustainable cleaning! FinalWipe Home and Travel kits come with durable cotton wipes that can be used again and again. You can use the wipes dry, or with our CleanTab cleaning solution to transform your wipes into the most durable wet wipes around.

Are you ready to wipe out waste and #WipeResponsibly in 2021?


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